Saturday, March 19, 2011

spring break

RB spent seven weeks getting caught up at work. Then Spring Break! Problem: RB gave tests in all his classes just before break. Why not? It is the halfway point in the semester. A logical time for evaluating learning. More on that later.

Nine days of break. The first three days began with the #1 grandson visiting us. Oh yeah, his parents were here as well. The next three days was spent traveling to and from Boston with a day and half in between looking at apartments for my #3 offspring (#1 daughter).

After visiting potential apartments, mostly overpriced, very old, flats with were once chopped up from 100+ year old housing, we made an offer on the first apartment we saw.

It was the biggest, nicest apartment we visited and at a rent below what we expected. That is, just exorbitantly expensive rather than outlandishly exorbitantly expensive.

No undergrads, a quiet, well-maintained, well-built building, an outstanding management company on the premises, on a safe street, with a T-station (Boston trolley) at the corner. Near stores and other businesses. No need for a car but parking if you have one. In short, a real, big-time blessing.

Friday, the seventh day of break, I slept in and then watched an NCIS marathon. Georgetown later lost big time in the NCAAs.

The highlight of this weekend, the last two days of break, is a visit by our #1 granddaughter.

However, I must spend all tomorrow afternoon, and well into the evening, grading tests. Last day of break will not be the best of the nine days.

Be blessed!


Debbie Flack said...

Congratulations! You have become like the students you teach...a procrastinator! Ah, but no student could be as productively busy as you were the past nine days. Sounds like you had a great spring "break."

Linda said...

Well, consider the great time you had most of the "break" and tomorrow will even things out.