Monday, January 17, 2011

william on the lunar rover

We spent the weekend in NH. A good time to visit since Friday was William's six-month birthday. The kid has more stuff than I ever had. It is also way cooler. Among his impressive equipment, as pictured here, is what I call his lunar rover.

William's mom is a lecturer at Dartmouth this semester. Her office is in a wing off the Baker Library and is in the nicest office suite I have ever seen. Picture 80-year old real-wood paneled offices with 14-foot high, or more, ceilings, off a room filled with books, leather uphostered chairs, and a gorgeous conference table.

Come to think of it, don't try to picture it. It is nicer than you can imagine. I told William's dad that no matter how high he climbs the corporate ladder, he will never have as nice an office as his wife now has.

Be blessed!

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Mirella said...

is that a jumperoo??

the baby is beautiful :)

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