Monday, November 22, 2010

dead aid discussion

Here is a presentation by Zambian author Dambisa Moyo and followed by comments by Todd Moss. Next semester I am teaching African Economies (Economics/African Studies 228). Among the books I am using are Moyo's Dead Aid and Moss's African Development. [Warning: Moss's comments may seem a bit more academic.]

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Peterson said...

the debate about aid in Africa is an overblown one. I think the players in developmental aid are focusing in the wrong issue. Moyo, Moss and others are right in saying aid to Africa is damaging it, only because it kills the responsibilities of African governments to its people. However, I think Sachs and his UN MDGs are also right. A certain amount of capital is needed to break out of poverty, and African countries don't have that capital. The real issue with Africa I think, is a lack of political vision in African government and elite.

RB said...

IMHO the debate is not over the need for capital but whether aid is a way to provide productive capital. Also whether aid provides incentives for the political elite to act on political vision. This involves a number of interesting but nuanced arguments that are too complicated to go into here.