Friday, October 15, 2010

a manly man child

RB spent Thursday through Sunday in New Hampshire hanging out with his three-month-old grandson. They spent a lot of time laughing and discussing world events.

William is about the happiest, best-natured baby RB has ever seen.

Like most babies William is attracted to colorful objects. However, when RB showed his grandson a plain gray remote control, William's eyes locked on it. There was nothing to attract him except a deep, primordial, abiding desire to be one with the remote.

This intensity clearly indicates that William is indeed a great manly man child.

Later William spent a long time laying on this grandpa's lap where they held a lengthy conversation speaking in unknown tongues. They had a great time giggling and laughing in the joy of the Lord.

Obviously, this baby is also a great manly man child spiritually.

We can only conclude that even at three months old, he is a totally awesome guy.

Be blessed!

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Linda said...

I love this post!