Sunday, July 18, 2010

secret deal south at borders

#2 son and I were running errands when we stopped by Borders to see if they had any boxes for packing. He cleaned up with 20+ sturdy book boxes.

While waiting I noticed a very large and very nice coffee-table type book on China was on clearance. When I went to purchase it, I was offered a free Borders reward card. I said no thanks and then she mentioned that it came with $5 off my next purchase.

My quick-as-thunder mind kicked in and I asked, "You mean if I buy one of these first (pointing to some chocolates near the cash register) can I get a rewards card then use it to get $5 off the book today?" Her nod in the affirmative was notable for its absence of enthusiasm.

The book was practically a give away at $8.47 (including tax). I ended up paying a total of $3.69 for the book plus a Lindt chocolate was thrown into the deal.

Not bad: 56% off an already rock-bottom price including some very fine chocolate!

I couldn't wait to get back and tell Mrs. B. Needless to say, she was impressed with her man. Mrs. B. is a real coupon-clipping maven who makes any sales clerk regret showing up for work if she does not get the sale price plus multiple coupon discounts. No errors are allowed and it does not matter how long it takes, or how many people are involved, to straighten out a five-cent mistake.

With me, I'm being cheap. With her, it is a matter of principle.

Be blessed!

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nymrsb said...

Way to go, honey!