Thursday, June 17, 2010

a great wall day

Today (Thursday) we went to the Great Wall. This is a mandatory tourist event and it takes about eight hours. First you buy your ticket and wait on a bus. Today had rain early on so it wasn't the popular day to visit the Wall. As a result we had to wait an extra hour for the bus to fill. These folks don't waste empty seats.

Except for one other couple, everyone on the bus was Chinese and the tour guide did not speak English. This turned out to be a blessing. The first 40 minutes of the bus ride she spoke nonstop and fast. Then she stopped for five to ten seconds to ask the driver a question and then started up again. I have never seen someone talk so long so nonstop and so fast.

We had to stop at a jade factory, which consisted of a ten by ten room where a couple of guys were cutting jade and a humongous room where dozens of women tried to sell you jade.

We spent a couple of hours at the Wall and the sun came out for us. Now we are really tired. Not so much from today but from yesterday: eight hours on our feet on concrete at Tienanmen Square, The Forbidden City and Jingshan Park.

Be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

wow! that's so great that you and susan got to go to china. christian and liz climbed the great wall of china too. it must be amazing.