Wednesday, April 14, 2010

centralized coercion by contractors

The Soviet Union may have been a failure but the US now knows how to simultaneously centrally plan a country's development while having a successful counterinsurgency (COIN) effort in Afghanistan. This is especially noteworthy since the first objective has never been done militarily. However, this chart shows us how it will be done!
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The new buzz words in DC: The 3D Approach. That is, the integration of diplomacy, defense, and development. "Hillary Clinton recently declared: 'We are working to elevate development and integrate it more closely with defense and diplomacy in the field…The three Ds must be mutually reinforcing'.... References to the 3D approach'… have become so pervasive in foreign policy, development, and national security circles that they have taken on the status of self-evident, common wisdom"(source).

How can we doubt these two will get the job done? Look how serious, committed, and confident they are!

Development economist William Easterly last month awarded the Worst in Aid Grand Prize to the 3d approach.

With capitalism being what it is, big-time defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. are heading where the money is and entering the economic development business. Some defense contractors are buying economic consulting firms since tens of billions of dollars in contracts are up for grabs. Africa is of interest to the state and defense departments so it is of interest to the contractors. They go where the money is (for more, go HERE). Military-led development has a long history in Africa, going back a hundred years or so. The difference is that Americans will be in charge this time.

Maybe this top-down development program should be called the 3C approach:

Centralized Coercion by Contractors

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Catherine said...

LOL -- we make process maps just like this ignoring that:

1) we don't have the resources to effect meaningful change and

2) changing situations make it increasingly irrevelant.

It does give the illusion of control though.......