Wednesday, December 30, 2009

big guy's big day

This picture was taken last week. Notice the jingle bells on Koufax's collar?

Yesterday, December 29th, was Koufax's first birthday. Sue's uncle and I walked him down to the feed store, Wight & Patterson, to have him weighed: he came in at only 105 pounds. That is a five-pound gain over two months. Before that he regularly gained ten pounds a month.

Earlier this week at dinner I asked people what was their favorite day of 2009. Mine was the day we brought Koufax home.

What's next? A colleague of mine insists that Koufax is Jewish. Since Koufax is now one-year old, and therefore officially a dog and no longer a puppy, we are planning his Bark Mitzvah.

Anybody know where we can get a doggie yarmulke?

Be blessed!

1 comment:

Sirirakku said...

Happy Birthday for Koufax!!!
Wish him be wealthy!
I have a dog too!
He is a Thai Bangkaew dog.
Now he is 4 years, his bithday was recent!