Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i'm voting hoffman but like scozzafava

The race in NYS’s 23rd CD is getting a bit nasty. Outsiders really do not understand this race. The media pundits really are quite silly.

Why did the GOP nominate Dede Scozzafava, a liberal, to run? Was this Big-Tent Republicanism?

Nah, don’t be silly. Dede got the nomination because it was her turn.

She’d been in the NYS Assembly a while and she had seniority among North Country politicians. She was the popular mayor of a small town and ran unopposed for the Assembly. Her husband is a union official so she’d have union support. This is a very conservative district with a big Republican edge in voter registrations. She was viewed as a shoo-in against any Democrat.

There was no strategy considering ideology. That is giving the GOP leadership far too much credit. It was her turn if she wanted it. That is the way they do things around here. That is all there was to it.

Everybody likes her. She is very upfront and candid about her liberal views. I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about her as a person. Some have tried to make a big deal about her involvement with a troubled business started by her brother. Of course, she supported him. Hey, he’s her brother!

A reporter from DC’s Weekly Standard gave her a hard time so they called the cops. Hey, the guy was obnoxious. That may be ok downstate but up here, reporter or no reporter, he was being a jerk. Actually, he’s lucky they called the cops. The alternative would be for Dede to take him out behind the building and teach him some manners. Instead, she took pity on the chump.

Remember: Dede is from Gouverneur. So the guy got off easy. Real easy.

Then along came Doug Hoffman, a political newcomer. He had no chance for the Republican nomination. It had nothing to do with ideology or positions on the issues. No one paid any serious attention to him.

It wasn’t his turn.

The Conservative Party nominated Doug. A lot of money came in, voters have found they have a choice to vote for a conservative in New York’s most conservative district. Now he will beat Dede in the election.

Doug Hoffman might even win the whole thing.

This is not too complicated. If the national media and their pundits want to over analyze this race, that is their right.

It is all rather silly though.

Be blessed!

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