Wednesday, July 22, 2009

out of africa

I arrived home on Sunday after leaving NNY on the 3rd. At YOW there was a security guard training a black lab to sniff luggage. The dog couldn't have been much more than 6 mo. old. He was doing well and very enthusiastic for about ten minutes. Then I noticed the lab grabbing the leash, jumping, and wanting to play tug of war. I figured if a professional trainer had these problems with his dog then I shouldn't feel too bad about my big guy.

Speaking of which, our six-month-old Koufax looked obviously bigger than when I left. Monday we walked him down to the local feed store to have him weighed on a grain scale. He came in at 80 pounds. That is roughly a weight gain of a pound every two days. Looking at his feet, he obviously still has a ways to go.

The rest of Monday I spent going through local newspapers, Wall Street Journals, and magazines which had accumulated in my absence. Tuesday was devoted to going though a little less than 400 emails, plus blogs, plus Facebook. That was an entire workday, after which my brain was fried and useless for anything other than watching the entire first season of Spaced. Today is doing odds and ends in my office.

In my reading of blogs I discovered that at least one person does not completely share my enthusiasm for hanging out with Koufax. Strange. Very strange.

Koufax spends mornings with me in my office, napping at my feet. Yes, I can get work done as long as I do not get up from my chair. However, I must first invest time in tossing a well-chewed tennis ball (sans cover) down the hall for him until he is thoroughly worn out.

I also need to limit my morning intake of coffee and juices. If I get up, he gets up. While I may be relieved, he is refreshed and ready to play.

Isn't this sort of like having kids, only more trouble?

Be blessed!

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Diane said...

Yes, dogs are a bit more high-maintenance than cats!
Eighty pounds at six months??? He's going to be a big boy!