Friday, July 3, 2009


Monday. Koufax was 6-months old and weighed 70 pounds. RB took him over to the best baseball field in NNY (i.e., at SLU) and let him sit on the pitchers mound. However, he preferred the dugout since it was out of the sun. Bench warmer? No, bench cooler.

Tuesday. Offspring #3 was dog sitting and brought her charge over to see Koufax. The poor little thing was smaller than Koufax's head and her paw was about the size of one of his back molars. The big guy was ready to play but she didn't really want to.

Wednesday. RB officially became Chairman of the Department of Economics at SLU. It is a one-year sentence with no possibility of parole.

Thursday. RB bought stuff in a store! He does this only if a local store is going out of business and having big discounts. After all, he is a fiscal conservative.

Friday. Offspring #4 and his father became members of the St. Lawrence County Conservative Party Committee in the morning while in the afternoon RB should be heading to Ottawa to start off a trip to Kenya with other SLU African Studies faculty for a two-week visit. Work! Work! Work!

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