Wednesday, July 29, 2009

conservatives in the ny 23rd congressional district

According to a newspaper article, NYS Conservative Party will not give its line to Republican Scozzafavo in the expected upcoming special election.

It might have something to do with Scazzafavo's 2008 voting record in the NYS Assembly. She is not only pro-abortion and pro-gay-marriage, but garnered a measly Conservative Party rating of 15. By this, she is not only the most liberal Republican in the Assembly, but is more liberal than the average member of the Assembly which is firmly in the control of Democrats.

Today I also received a mailing slamming State Senator Aubertine, a Democrat, which was sent out by the National Republican Congressional Committee. (I guess they hadn't heard that Aubertine isn't running for Congress.) Earlier this summer they had phone recordings going out attacking Aubertine.

Too bad Mr. Aubertine is not going to make a run. In the evenly divided NYS Senate he had a Conservative Party rating of 50 for 2008. This makes him the most conservative member from any party in the state senate, save four (4) members who each had a slightly higher conservative rating of 55.

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