Thursday, July 2, 2009

conservatives in the 23rd

The Conservative Party is a minor party in NYS and does not attract too much media attention. After all, its enrollment is quite small. In NYS elections politicians want as many lines on the ballot as possible. So what is special about the Conservative Party? Smart politicians especially desire its endorsement because they know the party's importance outsizes its enrollment and is more than just having another ballot line.

The Conservative Party line usually draws 10% of the votes in a North Country election. In a close race, the Conservative line can make the difference in who wins.

If you haven't heard, the North Country's Congressman John McHugh (R-C) has been nominated by Obama for Secretary of the Army. This is good news for Ft. Drum. Bad news for the Republicans. Why? I'll get to that later.

I went to a county Conservative Party meeting Tuesday night. There were four candidates interested in a possible run for (i.e., lusting after and desperately wanting) the 23rd Congressional District seat. If there is a special election, it will be a BIG deal with national attention and national money.

The meeting was very depressing.

Republications in Albany will choose who runs on their line. The leading Republican candidate is a flaming liberal. Tuesday she spoke passionately for same sex marriages and is extremely pro-choice. Nothing she said was remotely either socially or fiscally conservative; at least nothing that any North Country liberal Democrat holding office would have said. (She only has R-C after her name because that's what you have to do to win in her district.)

The two candidates who actually were conservative Republicans were not Republican insiders so they have absolutely no chance.

A moderate, pro-choice Republican assemblyman, a real insider, was there and he looked interesting. However, he just lost a special election for the NYS Senate in a heavily Republican district so he is very unlikely to be picked.

Obama won the 23rd with 52% of the vote despite Republicans having a large enrollment advantage over the Democrats. State Senator Aubertine (D) also won his North Country district despite the enrollment disadvantage. The 23rd is in play.

After the next census, New York will lose a congressional district in 2012. The district lost will be the 23rd unless two things both happen. (Even then, it is still iffy.) First, the 23rd is held by a Republican and second, the NY State Senate reverts to Republican control. After the last census, New York also lost a congressional district. McHugh faced easy re-election and used his campaign funds to help friends in Albany. The 23rd was kept.

That is why making McHugh Secretary of the Army will be a bad thing for Republicans and Conservatives.


Darlene Sinclair said...

Where was the meeting? Just wondering.

Yeah, it feels and sounds pretty discouraging. But last night in worship we sang that ol' worship song, "Our God reigns! Our God reigns!"

These days it's always helpful to remember that...

RB said...

Where? The banquet room at Sergie's in Potsdam.