Wednesday, May 20, 2009

chuck the virtual heroin

You shouldn't hang around addicts. At least I shouldn't. They are always trying to hook you on whatever they're hooked. I was able to hold out then in a moment of weakness, I fell.

With little sleep the night before, five to six hours at SLU, most of it outside in the cold and the wind, I was exhausted Sunday afternoon. I didn't feel like reading or doing anything but vegging out. Sensing my weakness, Offspring #3, a known addict, asked me if I wanted to watch just the first episode of Chuck. (She has the whole first season on dvd so I should have known she'd be a dealer.)

Of course I enjoyed the show. How could you not enjoy it? Well written, clever script, likable characters, a nice blend of humor and suspense.

"Want to watch the next episode?" Of course! I'm not doing anything. What's the harm?

"How about the third?" Yeah, I want it.

Now I can't chuck Chuck.

I am completely under her control and she knows it. It is her dvd set so I can only watch it when she wants to. She knows I will drop whatever I'm doing, I will stay up too late, I will forgo all my responsibilities if she just says, "Want to watch the next episode of Chuck with me?"

I remember as a freshman in college, we had some recovering heroin addicts speak in a class. One said that taking heroin is the greatest feeling in the world.

Chuck is virtual heroin.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Chuck isn't really my kind of show, but somehow I became addicted this past Sunday as well (what a coincidence, eh?)!

I like to think that I'm not really addicted, but I have already watched six I think I'm fooling myself : )


Anonymous said...

Chuck is a great show! It's a quirky and delightful blend of humor and suspense.

RB said...

hey, I didn't know you had the wordpress blog.