Monday, March 23, 2009

koufax on dl

Koufax is on the Disabled List (DL) for awhile. Somehow he hurt himself last night and couldn't walk. This morning he was walking but still limping badly, favoring his left front leg. He went to see team doctor Palermo this afternoon, who noted that this was Koufax's pitching arm. Upon examination Doc discovered damage to the soft tissue in Koufax's left shoulder.

The prognosis is good, Koufax is expected to be back into action in a week or less. In the meantime, no running or long walks but Koufax can attend his Tuesday evening classes.

Koufax was prescribed anti-inflammatory pills. Most dogs have to be forced to take pills, or else be tricked (e.g., putting the pill in peanut butter). Not Koufax. Offspring #3 told him to sit, and then held out the pill in the palm of her hand. Koufax wolfed the pill down just as if it were a doggy treat.

There are advantages to eating food so fast that there is no time to taste it.

Be blessed!

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