Thursday, March 5, 2009

koufax is home

RB's clan has a new member. That would be Koufax, a 9-week old, very smart and wonderfully sweet, 20-pound Lab-Collie mix (mostly Lab with just a tiny extra splash of German Shepard thrown in).

Shown above is his first chew-toy, a stitched baseball made of rawhide, in honor of his namesake.

The Vet checked him out and Koufax is good to go. In fact, he is also good to go almost anywhere at anytime. He may take three weeks to housebreak.

Be blessed!


sam said...

So cute. I won't show Ian, he was just chanting "I want a dog..."

RB said...

As of yesterday, Koufax had a brother and a sister available....

Anonymous said...

Nothing against dogs, but that's why I have a cat...Manny