Thursday, February 12, 2009

this has me missing southern california

A high school buddy and college housemate sent me this picture of Mt. San Antonio (a.k.a., Mount Baldy). He now lives in Huntington Beach and very recently took this picture from near his home on an exceptionally clear day.

That is a 10,000 foot mountain viewed from sea level 50 miles away.

The peak of Mount Baldy is only 15 miles away from the house in Pomona where I grew up. I could view it from my bedroom window. The foothills shown are only five or six miles away. Much, much closer than the view in the above photo. (Pomona is only 900 feet or less above sea level, so the elevation is not that different.)

I love NNY but this picture has me missing the old homestead despite also remembering the present day pollution, crime, and congestion.

Be blessed!

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