Saturday, December 13, 2008

a wonderful day, all day

I had a wonderful day today. Miss Lois is here this weekend. As usual, the first evening and morning she was very clingy with her father. Again, as usual, by this afternoon her daddy-deprivation was relieved enough that she would sometimes play with others.

I was able to play Play-Doh with Miss Lois. We made pizza, hot dogs, grandmas (don't ask), snails, cobras, worms, bowls, spoons, brass knuckles, tunnels, gamma ray thumb shields (sorry, that's classified), and a toothbrush.

I don't think we'll do the toothbrush again. The Play-Doh gets too slobbery.

We made towers out of Duplos. Some towers were as high as 6'8" before they were knocked over. This is quite educational since Miss Lois learns patience to wait until after we're finished to knock it over.

This afternoon I was able to watch a webcast of the Arkansas H.S. Championship. My great nephew Troy is on the team, Shiloh Christian, which won 42-18. He got his team's first sack of the day too!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday today and went out to dinner where Miss Lois charmed everyone. A young lady of style and distinction, she daintily dipped her french fries in nothing but the finest ketchup.

It was fun to open presents. This year she actually let Daddy open his own presents. (Last year she tore the wrapping off before handing them to her father.) There was a certain routine that developed:
1) Lois hands an unopened present to Daddy.
2) Daddy removes paper and and asks, "What is it?"
3) Lois replies, "It Lois's!"
4) Daddy calmly states, "No, it is Daddy's."
5) Lois responds, "Put it down" as she hands another unopened present to him.

Opening presents moved along quite nicely thanks to our little efficiency expert.

Lois also fed Grandpa birthday cake. She must be pretty good at it. Others commented how there was less of a mess on the table than when Grandpa feeds himself.

She helped in the kitchen and put self-designed, tissue paper bows in Grandma's
hair. Also chased Aunt Low'ah and Uncle Ted around with the occasional quick stop to tickle Daddy or Grandpa.

With all that, she should sleep well tonight even though there was an unscheduled nap with Grandpa this afternoon during story time.

Be blessed!


Linda said...

OK, here we go again. I wanted to say, I am glad you had such a good day with little miss Lois. I can see that Lois showed much creativity with the tissue bow for Grandma's hair. But my favorite picture has got to be story time with Grampa!

Alleluiabelle said...

Great pictures of such a wonderful time! Grandkids are absolutely the best aren't they?