Friday, December 12, 2008

great nephew in big game

RB's sister's grandson, Troy Goss, plays for a high school football powerhouse, Shiloh Christian. Although it has a relatively young team this year, Shiloh Christian is playing for the Arkansas State H.S. 4-A championship tomorrow (Saturday) at noon and Troy should be a starting defensive lineman.

I last time I saw Troy was a couple of years ago. Then I could push him around a bit when we played some basketball. Our BB days are over. Although Troy is only a high school sophomore, he is now 6'2" tall and weighs 250 lbs.

I wonder how big he'll be when he stops growing?

Next time I see him I will need to remind him of the need to be careful around his tottering great uncle who is 40 years his senior.

No contact sports.

Troy is not only a great nephew but a great kid.

There is a webcast of the game starting at noon.


Be blessed!

NOTE: Shiloh Christian's football website is pretty impressive. I think they may take their football seriously.

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Anonymous said...

Try not to take football too seriously.

The Unmedicated Mind sees most clearly.