Monday, December 1, 2008

carpe diem: miscellany

I found these over the weekend.

The Top Ten Worst Currencies in the World Go Zimbabwe: $35 million for an egg! A prettier version with the full list is HERE.

Gas in St. Louis Falls Below All-Time Historical Low We'll feel a lot better if we just adjust for inflation.

2002-08: 60% Growth in World Per-Capita Real GDP Interesting chart but the IMF's forecast for the next few years may need revising.

Fiscal Stimulus: Permanent, Pervasive, Predictable versus Temporary, Targeted and Timely Check the chart: temp tax cuts or "tax rebates" don't work -- something we've known after 40 years of experience.

Uncorking CDOs: Financial Crisis Explained The best explanation yet of CDO's (collateralized debt obligations) which include MBS's (mortgage backed securities). Faint praise indeed. If you want to begin to understand what set off the credit crisis, the posted video might help. It helped me anyway.

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