Saturday, November 15, 2008

german consistency and islamic scholarship.

Germans are known and stereotyped for their logic and consistency. One of the few joys I encountered studying the German language is the consistency of its grammar and other rules. However one German scholar, Muhammad Sven Kalisch, is in hot water for being as consistent as, well, as a German.

Germany's first professor of Islamic Theology, a native ethnic German convert to the religion, Kalisch "...wanted to subject Islam to the same scrutiny as Christianity and Judaism. German scholars of the 19th century, he notes, were among the first to raise questions about the historical accuracy of the Bible."

Kalisch "...devoured works questioning the existence of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Then 'I said to myself: You've dealt with Christianity and Judaism but what about your own religion? Can you take it for granted that Muhammad existed?'"

The result was that using similar methodology which led to doubts about the Jesus or Moses ever existing, also led to a similar conclusion: Mohammad probably never existed.

His bosses at Münster University, as well as many academics, are distancing themselves from Kalisch. "Alarmed that a pioneering effort at Muslim outreach was only stoking antagonism, Münster University decided to douse the flames. Prof. Kalisch was told he could keep his professorship but must stop teaching Islam to future school teachers."

German intellectual tradition bows to political correctness?

It is a strange day when Germans are so obviously inconsistent.

Jolt From an Islamic Theologian

The research of Muhammad Sven Kalisch, Muslim convert and Germany's first professor of Islamic theology, is causing outrage among Muslims. His theory: The Prophet Muhammad probably never existed.
» Full Story in Wall Street Journal (15 November 2008)

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