Saturday, November 8, 2008

the first kenyan-american president

One of my advisees, a wonderful young lady from Kenya, came into my office this week, her feet more than a few inches above the floor, beaming a huge, even bigger than usual smile. One look at her and I asked, "Happy there's a Kenyan-American President?"

"YES! We should forget calling him an African-American. He is Kenyan-American!"

To tease her a bit I replied, "Shouldn't we call him a Luo-American?" knowing full well that she wasn't Luo.

"No, Kenyan-American is just fine."

When CNN called the election for Obama, it was about 7 a.m. Wednesday morning in Kenya. The President of Kenya declared Thursday a national holiday.

It wasn't just Kenyans. I heard that some found it hard to sleep election night because of the noisy celebrations of African students.

Africans are generous people and like to share their joy.

Be blessed!

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