Saturday, August 2, 2008

when smoke gets in your eyes....

I leave very early today from Ottawa for a trip to visit my mother in Northern California. Twelve hours of airports and airplanes then another two hour drive to Lake County. Tomorrow, Sunday, mom and I are planning to drive across the Central Valley and go up to visit my nephew and his family in the Northern Sierra Nevada mountains (Quincy, CA).

It was to be a three and a half or four hour drive. However, there are forest fires and the main road into the mountains (a beautiful drive above a canyon) is closed. The alternative route goes to Truckee, near the northern end of Lake Tahoe, and up around the backside to his place.

Whatever the route, the mountains should be beautiful. BTW, these are REAL mountains, not the wannabee mountains you get in the east.

While I know of a self-confessed New Jersey snob, as you can see I can play the part of a California snob.

Be blessed!

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David said...

You were correct! I had my own site wrong... hehe Go figure!

Thank you for letting me know!