Sunday, August 31, 2008

four weeks off

I haven't posted anything in four weeks. The first week in August I flew out to Northern California to visit my mother. We took a few days to also visit my nephew, his newish wife, and their 18-month-old daughter at their home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We also saw the tail end of a forest fire.

I don't remember much about the second week of the month except at the end of it Offspring #3 returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic. The third week is a complete blur except we went to the New York State Fair.

Last week I drove down to NYC to meet Offspring #3 [correction: #2]. We stayed in NJ near the Meadowlands and took a Park-n-Ride into the Port Authority bus station. It saves about $100 per night on hotels and costs $13.05 per day (including parking) for both of us to take a ten-minute bus ride into the city.

The first day we went very early into the city to get tickets for a tour of Yankee Stadium. (I came home with an unofficial souvenir: gravel from the left-field warning track.) We also visited Columbia U., Grant's Tomb, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, visited the Twin Towers site, Wall Street, The Federal Building (site of Washington's inauguration), Chinatown, and rode the Staten Island ferry after sundown. I must have worn Cap'n Kenny out, since he slept ten hours straight that night. I was surprised that he had not done any of the above, except going to Chinatown, despite living in NYC for a month or so.

The next day, Wednesday, we didn't get into town until about noon. We went to the Guggenheim Museum, something I've been wanting to do for over 35 years. That evening we attended a Yankee-Bosox game. Good news: Yankees lost 11-3. Better news: it was a close game until the 8th inning. Best news: In the 8th, a Red Sox player hit a grand slam and the ball cleared the fence near the approximate site where I took my warning track gravel. (At least approximate enough to make for an interesting story.) We finished the evening walking from Times Square to the Port Authority Bus station. Bright lights. Big city. Gorgeous.

Thursday was a travel day for us and Friday my first classes started. This weekend Miss Lois visited.

There went August. A good month.

Be blessed!


laura said...

you mean you visited offspring #2. :)

RB said...

Thank you #3. Correction noted.