Tuesday, July 29, 2008

isa al-masiah in china.

This is from a newsletter from a family in China who minister to the Hui (Chinese Muslims).

It took 10 years to go from zero to 50 (average five real believers per year), then five years to go from 50 to 200, so at this rate of multiplication, how long to see all of the 50 million Hui to Christ?

They had no answer. So I pulled out my financial calculator. 50 to 200 in five years is a compounded annual growth rate of 31.95%

To get to from 200 to 50,000,000 at that rate (compounded) would take about 39 years and six months.

That is really not very long now is it?

Also from the same newsletter:
This past week, one of our Christian Egyptian brothers living here said, "I am very upset, I saw a bumper sticker in Arabic on a car today here in China...I would never see in Egypt,...it said, "Fight and slay the Infidel"...then later another Chinese brother said, "The Hui are posting on the internet that they are upset that so many of the Hui are becoming Christians."

Might it be time for believers to become intercessors?

BTW: Isa Al-Masiah is Arabic for Jesus the Messiah.

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Melissa said...

Is the amount of people dependent on the rate. I am wonder if more people went if the rate would increase. More people resulting in less time.