Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the best defense is often . . . .

A young mother takes her sick baby to the emergency room. The ER physician quickly looks at the infant, thinks no big deal, dismissing the mother as an overreacting new mom. That evening the young woman takes the baby to her mother to be cared for while she goes to work. During the night the baby dies in his crib.

Whoa. That is tough, double tough.

I know both the mother and grandmother. I am pretty close to the grandmother and we often talk about the things of God and other personal matters. She knows intellectually that there was nothing she could have done, that the death wasn’t her fault.

This happened years ago. At the time I offered a suggestion that I knew she would not misunderstand since we knew each other well enough. I told her to ask forgiveness of God for anything she might have done, or neglected to do, that she didn’t even know about. This was not because she had done or not done something. It was because those thoughts would come to her that maybe if she wouldn’t have done this, or that maybe she should have done that, and her grandbaby would still be alive.

The Enemy will send the if-I-wouldn’t-have’s or the I-should-have’s at times when she is vulnerable. Sooner or later, he always does. It is not a matter of if, but when. When they do come she can have the assurance that she is without guilt. She can thank God for the forgiveness if there is any need (and even if there isn't any need). She can recognize, thank, and praise God for His sovereignty.

We often tell people to prepare for the attack and how to protect themselves from the attack. This suggestion goes a step further. You anticipate the attack and then go on the offensive to take away the ground from which the enemy can launch the attack. You take preventative measures by destroying the platform from where he can ambush you, from where he can fire off his accusations. It is good to be able to defend against the fiery darts of the enemy. It is better to also take away the position that affords a good shot at you.

Just a suggestion....

Be blessed.

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Linda said...

Excellent advice. Thanks