Thursday, April 24, 2008

it's getting to be that time of the semester

I had kicked my caffeine addiction, staying relatively clean by making sure I did not have coffee two days in a row. However, with the end-of-the-semester work-related stresses, I have gone back to the pleasures of self-medicating by coffee. (I think I am a binge drinker -- at least it has no calories.) I'll get clean again after commencement. In the meantime I must indulge my habit to avoid the withdrawal headaches. (Not even close to that being a danger so far!)

Final exam time is coming up and a friend sent me these examples of how not to pass an exam (click on image to enlarge):

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Darlene Sinclair said...

Those are too, too funny. If I had a picture of one of Rick's end of the semester papers, we could add it to the lot. Let me briefly explain.

Rick's teacher handed out a long question and answer assignment (several pages, I believe.) Rick began the first, moved on to the second, began growing frustrated and weary with what seemed like a bunch of busy work intended to fulfill the professor's need to make sure plenty of work had been accomplished. He was convinced the teacher would never even look over all these papers. So half way down one of the inside pages Rick wrote this: If you are still reading this, check the appropriate box -- (he then drew two boxes labeled "yes" and "no".)

A couple of days later the professor stepped out of a classroom into the hallway heading away from Rick. When the teacher caught sight of Rick out of the corner of his eye, he turned on his heel, quickly approached Rick, grabbed him by the collar pinning him against the wall, and said, "I'll check your box, Sinclair!"

Pretty funny. They are good friends to this day, but I think Rick may have come close to automatic failure that time! ;)