Thursday, March 27, 2008

christians, crunchies, cowboys

I haven't posted in four weeks. I was sick, then I had to catch up on work, then left two weeks ago to spend spring break in Colorado Springs, and did not get back until Monday night. I'm still catching up on work. I know, excuses, excuses, excuses.

Some of our activities have been discussed already by her. We got to spend Holy Week with our LT and his wonderful wife in their lovely home. Our little Hoya also was with us from Tuesday on. However we did find ourselves missing our other two sons, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter.

We stopped by the office of a certain publicist for a publisher of Christian books and walked away with a two-foot high stack of new books. (Less than an inch of which was selected by yours truly.)

We visited trendy restaurants, the Denver Art Museum, Focus on the Family, an art pottery kiln, World Prayer Center; attended a Seder on Good Friday and church on Palm Sunday and Easter (more on that another time); got the inside story on Iraq and generally just hung out.

The weather was all over the place. Snow (four inches alone on Easter morning) and sunny warm days -- sometimes all within a few hours.

The Springs is a lovely but interesting (i.e., strange) place with the major people groups being Christians, crunchies, cowboys, or some combination thereof.

Cheyenne Mountain, Pike's Peak, and the Front Range of the Rockies provided not too shabby a view from our LT's deck.

Be blessed!

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