Saturday, February 23, 2008

tax time conspiracy

Thursday afternoon I left work a little early. I had done all that I could do there so I thought I go home to finish doing my income taxes. I don’t mind doing taxes. Our situation is not complicated and so there is nothing fancy about our returns. Just follow the directions, not too stressful, but with the occasional intellectual challenge to make it somewhat interesting.

This year was different. Everyone around annoyed me. It was too much to be merely coincidental. First, a certain mother of my children walked around humming and singing just loud enough so that I would hear but not loud enough so that I could complain. You know the game. What she should have been doing is sitting quietly in the next room prepared to jump up instantly when I would inevitably yell out with a question or loudly wonder where a form or piece of information was. Was she helpful? Was she willing to engage in meaningful communication so essential to a successful marriage? NO!

After I let her know I was on to her humming game she went upstairs to wash clothes and clean the bathroom. Of course, it is all too easy for us to see how this obviously exposed her true heart and attitude. She’d rather seek her own pleasure than be a helpmate to ME.

That is annoying.

Did know that there are now THREE ways to get a tax break for tuition expenses? One of them is new and you can only use one of the three. To find out which is best, you have to do ALL the calculations for your taxes three times. Now that is annoying. Why three? There is not much difference between them. Politicians want to say they are concerned about helping “hard-working middle-class” families with the rising cost of higher education. So they have to come up with another option so they can say they did something. They can’t come out and say we already did something. Instead they add another complication that doesn’t really help so they can get credit for “doing something.”

That is doubly annoying.

I was still doing the taxes when one of three sons came home from work in a very good mood. He was all chatty and happy, asking me how I was doing, how was my day, and all that. As if that wasn't annoying enough, his mom came downstairs and they talked happily together in the next room. Of course they were loud enough for me to hear. Here I was working hard, trying to save the family some money, and they are in cahoots to annoy ME. With his old job he was always tired, miserable, and uncommunicative. Could it be that the real reason he changed jobs was that he was thinking ahead to such a moment when he could really annoy me? Hard to prove but I am starting to put two and two together.

That is really annoying.

Being the man of God that I am, I decided to try to break the cycle and take ownership for my part in all this. We are all called to be peacemakers and I decided to step up, to take the initiative. I needed to humbly apologize for for what I did, no matter how small.

So I went up to the love of my life, hugged her and tenderly, lovingly said, “I didn’t speak to you very nicely earlier. I’m sorry you annoyed me.”

Her response? She just laughed at me! Here I had come clean about what I had done even though it was very minor compared to what she had done. I made myself vulnerable, I did the right thing, only to be laughed at. I had been so incredibly gracious, but this hard-hearted woman was unwilling to admit her far, far greater sin. I was the one to say I was sorry when she should have been begging for my forgiveness.

Now that is annoying!

Yes it was all quite annoying but thank God I’m not a sinner like others.

Be blessed,

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Anonymous said...

HaHa --- I think we need to add a lab or maybe assign some homework for extra credit to the peacemaker class as you clearly have the conept down put need a little more practice on the execution :-)