Sunday, February 3, 2008

puppy bowl iv; nature v. environmentalists

There are two quite separate topics in today's post:

#1. Showing today starting at 3 p.m. is Puppy Bowl IV on the Animal Planet channel. It's a hoot: 3 hours long and repeats until the wee hours of the morning. Great to watch bits of it while channel surfing.

#2a. SLU owns a number of old houses on the edge of campus that are used as student residences. Students sharing particular interests can live together in these "theme cottages." A few weeks ago during the wind storm, a three-foot diameter section of an old cottonwood fell through the roof of one of these theme cottages. The damage was so extensive that the building will have to be torn down.

This theme cottage, The Greenhouse, was created to provide "a living environment for ecologically-minded and environmentally-conscious individuals on campus."

#2b. Focus the Nation, a series of forums and teach-ins on global warming, was scheduled last Thursday and Friday at SLU. It had to be canceled because of winter weather conditions.

#2c. Nature has a 2-0 record against environmentalists at SLU so far this year.

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