Monday, February 25, 2008

money. power, garbage, dirty, babies, and stupidity makes this election special

Despite the heading above, this post has only one topic: tomorrow's special election in NYS Senate District 48 between Bill Barclay (R) and Darrel Aubertine (D). Each candidate is expected spend over $1 million. Why all the money in some backwater upstate district? Well, the Republican majority in the state senate is getting smaller. With a Democrat win in the 48th, coupled with a some other districts at risk this year, the Democrats could win control of the state senate.

People complain about the undue influence of money in campaigning. However the campaign contributions are not the problem, they are just the symptom. The problem is with the power of government; the problem is with the government controlling or impacting so much money that the stakes in controlling government is so big.

Get rid of excessive government power and the influence of campaign money will go away. Don't limit government power and there is nothing that will get rid of the influence of campaign money. It is like if you want to get rid of rats, first get rid of the garbage. In this case, get rid of the problem that is attracting the money.

This is also the dirtiest campaign anyone has seen in NNY. Personal attacks, many with distortions or misleading "facts" is more to be expected downstate in NYC than NNY. I think Aubertine is worse but Barclay's hands are not clean.

In a reversal of stereotypes, the Republican candidate is 100% pro-choice and the Democrat is 100% pro-life. At least that is the way the NYS chapter of NOW sees it.

This election also highlights the general stupidity of Republican leadership. Two members of the Assembly wanted to run for this senate seat. Dede Scozzafava was snubbed by party leadership in order to pick Bill Barclay, son of a former state senator leader. Scozzafava would have been a slam dunk. Thus, the old boy network has turned a race in an overwhelmingly Republican district into a nail biter.

Politically speaking, you really can't much dumber than that.

This same Republican leadership has inadvertently given a candidate with a strong record of supporting the sanctity of life, of defending the defenseless unborn, of protecting life, a good chance of winning.

Be blessed.

Note: She researched the pro-life records of the candidates and passed them on to me.

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Johnny__M says:

Isn't NOW the National Organization of Women? I noticed in their ratings, it's either PRO-CHOICE or ANTI-CHOICE.

I guess CHOICE is the gold standard.

Nice analogy with the rats and garbage, by the way.