Thursday, January 24, 2008


Seven semi-random things about RB:

#1 I eat Cheetos with a fork. (This is a great embarrassment to my family.) I love cheese puffs but I hate yellowish orange-stained fingers.

#2 I grew up in Southern Cal and had a snow-deprived childhood. I love NNY and do not want to live anywhere else.

#3 I worked my way through college (Cal Poly Pomona) and I am the first one in my family to earn a bachelors degree. (At least the first in over 200 years -- I have a couple of 18th Century New England ancestors who were ministers so they may have been to college.) Not only were fees extremely low at Cal Poly, but I met her at freshman orientation. What a deal!

#4. My favorite ice cream topping? Cheerios. I love Cheerios. Yes, I even pour Cheerios on top of ice cream. If there is no ice cream, I sometimes have just Cheerios for dessert. If I want to get fancy I add raisins and a few chocolate chips.

#5. I love teaching but I absolutely hate grading tests. I have a policy of giving a late penalty if I take too long getting tests back. That is, I add points to the tests. I think this is only fair since I assign late penalties (negative points) to student work handed in late. Although my students and colleagues laugh at me when I do this, sometimes it is the only way I can get myself to grade the blasted things. Avoidance of public humiliation is a motivator.

#6. I have been a legally ordained minister since I was 18 or 19. I was ordained by the Universal Life Church, Inc. of Modesto, California (doctrinal statement: "We believe in what is right.") I did it as a lark and now I am not proud of this. However, I was ordained without mailing in the customary one dollar. In case you are wondering, I can legally officiate at weddings. My fee is $20,000 (cash upfront).

#7. This may be obvious but at #7 I'm running out of things. I am shy and socially awkward. I am lousy at making small talk. As a result I am uncomfortable at many social gatherings. I wish I was more sociable but I lack the skills and have a steep learning curve.

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