Monday, January 28, 2008

scholars pursue happiness

Happiness has become a serious academic pursuit but this is not the usual pursuit of happiness. Rather, social scientists are trying to figure out what makes people happy. According to an article in last week's issue of THE ECONOMIST, married religious Republicans who are sexually-active extroverted optimists with short commutes to work are generally happier than pessimistic introverts who have long commutes, are single, agnostic, vote Democrat, and aren't getting any.

Having more wealth has positive impacts on measures of happiness but these impacts are surprisingly small.

I guess I am happy enough. Chasing after financial riches doesn't have much of a payoff in joy. Optimism I can work up if I really try but being extroverted is something I don't know how to do.

Be blessed.

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Johnny__M says:

As one with an even shorter commute than yours, I totally agree with this assessment with one caveat - we may have to update the definition of "Republican" in the near future.