Thursday, December 27, 2007

elvis has left the sandbox

We just heard that our LT is in Kuwait. He and the last five guys in his platoon left IQ with no plans to return any time soon. Some of his other men were back in Colorado Springs in time for Christmas. He is scheduled to leave Sunday for Germany and then on to Colorado Springs.

Today another son was given the day off with pay so he could spend time with his daughter. Is that a great boss or what?

The other night I saw something I thought I never would see: an argument between a toddler and her great, great aunt. (There is an 80-year age difference.) Miss Lois would cough and say “Sneeze.” Aunt Lois would respond, “No, that is a cough not a sneeze.” Miss Lois would say “Sneeze.” Aunt Lois would again reply “No, that is a cough not a sneeze. This went on for many, many rounds with neither one giving in. BTW, Miss Lois knows full well the difference between “cough” and “sneeze.”

Yesterday, the day after Christmas, I was in a store and noticed Valentine’s Day cards and displays are out.

We had a classic Christmas incident. A certain daddy bought his little girl a lovely baby doll. After pulling the doll out of the box, the little girl spent the next half hour playing with the box.

For the first time in my long teaching career, I did not complete my fall semester grading before Christmas. Some things came up at the end of last week so one seminar’s papers were not read. Since grades are not due to the registrar until January 3rd, I decided to wait until the New Year to grade and to endeavor to enjoy a few days before Christmas and this week without any compulsion or guilt about work I should be doing. So far it is working. (BTW, it feels wonderful.)

A certain little girl has yet to open her Christmas stocking. Of course, this same little girl does not understand the concept of a Christmas stocking. She’ll learn soon enough without our help.

A very special aunt and uncle of hers are again with us for Christmas. They have made Christmas into a longer-than-a-week event rather than merely a special day. We all have long realized their presence is more important than presents.

Be blessed!

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