Saturday, November 24, 2007

answered prayer

Friday was an absolutely wonderful day. I had a great night’s sleep of nine hours and awoke to a beautiful winter scene outside my window. (I may have spent twenty-plus years in the North Country but I still recall my snow-deprived childhood.) I wanted to go up to Massena but had to spend more than a half hour deicing the van. All the doors were frozen shut except the back hatch. So I crawled through to the front, started her up, put all the defrosters on, and set the temperature as high as it could go However, I didn’t mind in the least. There were other little chores to do while waiting.

Driving up Rt. 310 I caught myself going past 65 mph. The radio was off and I had been thinking about all I had to be thankful for. I then thought that if I had gotten a ticket, it would have all been worth it since the benefit of the gratitude was worth more than the cost of the fine. I did, however, slow down and set the cruise control. At 55 mph, the same gain can be obtained without the pain.

A bit after turning north onto Rt. 56 I noticed a state trooper passing me going south. I glanced down at my speedometer and saw that I was going past 65 again. I looked in the rear view mirror and sure enough, the trooper was making a u-turn.

I had forgotten to reset the cruise after turning onto 56. I then waited and waited, but the trooper was not making his move, but just stayed back far behind me. This is not unusual except it was going on much longer than usual. Maybe he wasn’t going to pull me over? I waited some more and still nothing happened. Finally I said, “I give it to you Lord. If you want me to have a ticket or not, that is up to you.”

Within a second of finishing that prayer, the light bar on the trooper's car lit up brighter than a thousand Christmas trees.

I just laughed out loud. I seldom have the privilege of seeing an instantaneous answer to prayer. This was as if the hand of God was on that switch in the police car, just waiting for me to call out to him.

I was probably one of the cheeriest yet sober people the trooper had ever ticketed. I think he even felt bad about it since he all but apologized after he gave me the ticket.

Afterward I went into a few stores, bought a few things, and greatly enjoyed the whole shopping experience. This is quite unusual for me.

I had an absolutely lovely day. Every part of it was lovely.

Be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, congratulations (I think). I do that accidently speeding thing too sometimes. I depend on cruise control too. Even on the back roads. Like between Morley and RT68. God bless.