Friday, October 12, 2007

red cloud v. ivy

Our LT is in the 2nd Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division (2-2). The 2ID's shoulder patch insignia is an Indian head (Chief Red Cloud) in a star. As mentioned a couple of days ago, the 2-2 will be reflagged in 2008 as the 4th Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division (4-4).

While 4-4 may seem to be twice as good as 2-2, the 4ID's insignia is ivy. Like the Ivy League, this comes from the Roman numeral for four, IV. However, ivy is not nearly as cool as an Indian warrior.

Which would you pick: The Warrior Division or The Ivy Division?

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carolyn said...

The 2ID patch has a ton of history behind it. Read up on the history of Chief Red Cloud and his interaction with the US army. There is no pride in wearing an Ivy patch that someone just thought up yesterday. The 2ID patch also represents someone who fought for what he believed in. So this is not just a unit patch but a history of events that lead to the design of this particular patch.