Sunday, October 7, 2007

military intelligence goes postal

A common line from those who have served in the armed forces is that military intelligence is a contradiction in terms. It is still as true as ever.

This week we received a letter from Ft. Carson, Colorado informing us that the 3-61st CAV is due to return sometime in the first half of January.

They also informed us of the last date to send mail to IQ. Now it usually takes a week, maybe two weeks tops, for letters and packages to reach Baghdad. So guess when the last day is to mail things? Mid December? December 1st?

Nope. November 1st.

Anything post-marked after that date will be sent directly to Colorado and will not be opened until the troopers return.

No mail for two months. No Thanksgiving treats or Christmas presents unless sent on or before the day after Halloween. In fact, the guys will get no mail at all after the middle of November.

This is dumb.

How dumb? Too dumb, and not at all humorous enough, to make her list.

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