Wednesday, August 1, 2007

slu's email

This is from a campus-wide email sent out about an hour ago.

Campus users may have experienced slow response when trying to send email message starting on Monday of this week.

This problem has been resolved and the cause has been identified as a dramatic increase in the number of spam message being sent to campus. 

For those that are interested in some information regarding spam and message delivery:
  • We typically deliver around 50,000 legitimate message per day during the summer and around 120,000 during the school year.
  • We typically deal with around 500,000 spam messages per day.
  • On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we encountered nearly 2,000,000 spam messages or double the usual load.
  • We are on pace to exceed 1,000,000 spam messages today.
I am amazed at the volume of emails and spams sent to just a small college with only 2,000 students.


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