Friday, August 17, 2007

i'm blogging blind here

[Note: this was written yesterday but I was unable to send it out]


It is Thursday afternoon.  I am in an internet café in Chengdu, CN.   Blogger is blocked in CN so I must post by email and hope for the best.


Half our crew left this morning so it is just XC and I.  XC leaves Friday evening and I leave Saturday morning so tomorrow is our last day of work.   We are dealing with a very sensitive subject and it is especially sensitive here.  I think that is because the problem is even worse here than in the industrialized cities on the east coast.   Basically no one wants to talk to us.  The only people who will see us are believers connected to other believers who I know.   However, these contacts have been quite excellent.  We have learned much and expect to learn more tomorrow.


Yesterday (Wednesday) morning I took the students to the Panda Research Centre.  Neither of our two Chinese women had ever seen a live panda.   So I thought we could not leave Chengdu without them seeing their own national treasure.  We saw adult and juvenile giant pandas but the real treat was visiting the baby panda nursery.   We saw a 20-day-old baby with the distinctive black and white fur as well as a twice as large 40-day-old panda.  They were in plastic incubators like you would see in an American hospital's neo-natal unit.   There was also a tiny, two-day-old hairless infant in a third incubator.  It was covered with a towel to keep it extra warm but we could see it squirming around under the towel.   We could also see its little pink tail and little pink feet sticking out.


I am especially blessed to be surrounded by believers here in Chengdu.  I have had a very good trip and the students have been wonderful.   However, after two-plus weeks without fellowship, I found I miss being with brothers and sisters.  Sometimes you don't realize you miss something until you have it again.   Anyway, I find it very peaceful and relaxing here.


I have been trying to stay away from coffee for the past month but today I have had three cups, the last one with CFC's very own Jeff S.   He is doing quite well and if anyone knows his mom, please assure her that he is not only quite healthy, but thriving in the Middle Kingdom.


After all that coffee, I really must go now . . . .


Be blessed!


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nymrsb said...

Do you mean Jeff S.? That's great you got to meet up.