Saturday, July 21, 2007

science v. atheism

Is atheism is incompatible with science? You usually don’t hear this question in the popular press. The fundamental premise of atheism is that God does not exist. This is an untestable hypothesis. You can not do a real world test of God’s existence unless God makes his manifest presence known to all. I doubt this will happen until the Judgement Day.

It takes far too, too much of a blind leap of faith to be an honest, I-believe-in-science, rational atheist. The basis for atheism is inherently unscientific. How can you believe in something that, while conceptually possible, is quite impossible to prove and still be "scientific." It is much easier, in that it requires much, much less faith, to believe in a God who makes Himself real to you.

Atheism is making a bit of a comeback at least in terms of book publishing. In a critique of the “new atheism” in The Wall Street Journal (“The New New Atheism” by Peter Berkowitz, Monday 16 July 2007, p. A13) noted that four recent champions of godlessness have sold nearly a million copies of their books altogether. This is a lot of sales for this type of book.

I found the Berkowitz critique persuasive and it has gotten a lot of play in various blogs. On an atheist’s blog, someone commented, “Are these guys trying to make atheists look stupid?” Believe me, I feel her pain.

Science is incredibly useful but isn’t always able to clarify or settle all disputes over every aspect of reality. That’s OK. God can reveal Himself if and when He wants to really settle the issue of His existence. In fact, I know He will if you honestly ask Him.

Be blessed!

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