Sunday, July 22, 2007

the great firewall of china

Many of you know that China censors the internet. Many sites are banned by the Great Firewall of China including many blogs (e.g., xanga and blogger).

You can test web sites in real time on the tool below. Just click the dot for Beijing or Shanghai (Hong Kong does not censor very much) and then enter the sites address or url. Go ahead, play around with it and see what they ban.

SLU's website and my personal website are allowed but not my blogs.

Doesn't it make you bloggers out there feel a little special being banned by government censors in the People's Republic of China?

It just shows you that those godless commies are afraid of us!

Be blessed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I got used to the censor thing at BOCES. Can you believe BOCES restricted access to ebay? Especially annoying because I was teaching business class and I tried to use ebay as an example.

Also, they had the nerve to censor Paul Harvey's website. Can't see the reasoning there.