Monday, June 11, 2007

some universal truths

The following is taken from a newspaper column by Joachim Buwembo's published in last Monday's The East African. I'm posting just a few of his ten ways "to defeat wealth for the rest of your life." Seems sort of like an Africanized version of Dave Ramsey. Although I'm sure Mr. Buwembo arrived at this list independently, it indicates that what works in America also works Uganda.

Two: Never plan how to spend your money. Whenever you get money, start spending it right away and when it is finished, try to count and recall how you spent it.

Three: Don’t think of saving until you have real big money. How can you save when you earn so little? Those telling you to save are not sympathetic to your burning needs.

Four: Don’t engage in activities usually reserved for the “uneducated.” How can you, a graduate, engage in petty trade or home-based production? That is for people who never went to school.

Seven: Spend more than you earn. To achieve this, buy consumer products on credit and keep borrowing from friends and employers.

Eight: Compete in dressing. Make sure you wear the latest clothes among all the workers in your office. Whenever your neighbour buys a new phone, get one that is more expensive.

Be blessed!

Note: I first read an brief account about this article here.

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