Saturday, May 5, 2007

free software to make pdf files

I have Adobe Acrobat at work and on my laptop, but not on our desktop at home. I have gotten into the habit of creating pdf files for anything that I once printed out. It is a lot easier to store and transport. If I ever want a hard copy, I can print out the pdf file and it will look like it would if I had printed out the original. Yesterday, I emptied out papers in a three-foot drawer in one of my file cabinets at work. It was full of scholarly articles I had photocopied or printed out over the years. I realized that I can get any of these online and print them to a pdf file. In fact, the important ones I had already done so.

While the Adobe Reader is free, Adobe Acrobat is a bit pricey. It is not worth buying for home use. I have been looking for an alternative for a while but even the off-brand software isn’t free.

This week I finally found free software that prints to a pdf file: PrimoPDF. It is easy to use. Like the pdf creator sold by Adobe, this software just sets up another “printer.” If you want to print to a pdf file you just hit ctrl-P and select the printer titled PrimoPdf. It will store it to where and under what name you select.

To check out and download click PrimoPDF.

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