Tuesday, May 15, 2007

500 miles one way

Last Saturday we were on I-270, heading south for inside the Beltway and Hoyaland.

Strange: In rural Maryland, an eight-lane interstate, with the two center lanes HOV or diamond lanes, and the speed limit was only 55 mph.

Stranger: A police car was in the diamond lane going 75 mph in a 55 zone.

Strangest: A another vehicle was tailgating the police car going 75 in a 55 zone.

Best quote of the weekend: On the way home, Offspring #3 wanted to disconnect Offspring #4's Ipod Shuffle from the van's sound system in order to listen to the radio. Offspring #4 queried, "Can you explain to me just why we would want someone we don't know to play music we don't like?"

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sam said...

Offspring #4 is funny.