Monday, May 21, 2007

38 seconds of politics as entertainment

I have not been paying much attention to politics even though I have a student, a former advisee and North Country kid, working for Sen. Brownback in Iowa.

I read about the following video and checked it out. It is funny, only 38 seconds long, and the ending is wonderfully ambiguous. Before viewing please read this description that came with the video on

As Fred Thompson has criticized Michael Moore for his trip to Cuba and visit with Fidel Castro for his documentary on health care, Moore responded by challenging Thompson to a debate on the topic of health care. Moore also made a reference that Thompson smokes Cuban cigars and is violator of the trade embargo. Thompson responds with cigar in hand. If this is a future glimpse of a Thompson political campaign, it is going to be formidable and really tough to beat with material like this.

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