Sunday, April 15, 2007

what's the difference between christians and canoes?

Canoes tip.

Our LT downloads podcasts of Dave Ramsey's radio show and listens to them in IQ. One day he said there was an entire show on how Christians are lousy tippers in restaurants. I did a google search (tipping Christians) and found many sites that each came to similar conclusions. Christians have a reputation as lousy tippers. Waiters and waitresses hate working Sunday afternoons because that is when Christians come to eat.

This is embarrassing. This is shameful! I was absolutely shocked.

Tips are not gifts but payments for service. Tips are how some some in the service industry earn a living. Why do Christians often take advantage of wait staff? Yes, Jesus paid for our sins. No, he did not shed his blood to so we could stiff people and get out of paying for services.

Yes, you can cheat people and still go to heaven. Yes, you can be a reproach to God.

If you do not want to tip, then stay out of restaurants and taxi cabs. Sorry, but tipping is part of the deal. If you decide to breach the implicit contract, do not let people know you are a Christian.

Actually, they know you are a Christian. You probably can't hide it. You pray, you discuss church, sermons, Biblical principles, etc. Sometimes you may leave a tract. The wait staff can spot a Christian. They know the amount that should be tipped. They can put two and two together. That is, they can spot a hypocrite.

We are to be God's ambassadors. We are to be good stewards of the finances he entrusts to us. I don't get it. I really cannot fathom the lack of tipping by Christians. I can understand a few individuals doing this out of ignorance or just plain stinginess. But why is this more prevalent among believers than nonbelievers?

If you have any answers, any insights, I would appreciate helping me better understand. I am really stumped.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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Jamie said...

i'm an old-school blogger, so i replied to your comment on my own post, but in case you follow the new commenting rules i'm reposting it here. thanks again!

dr. blewett, thanks for the heads up. i will read him warily.

don't mind this if you aren't interested or the question is too broad/vague to answer, but here is my question to you: do you think that the emphasis on the individual in the libertarian/capitalistic philosophy is supported biblically?