Saturday, April 28, 2007

decrease junk mail even more

You can stop most direct marketing mailings for 5 years by going to this site:

It costs all of one dollar for this service.

I just signed up. A lot more than a dollar will be saved by society just from reducing the paper in the waste stream. I also expect to personally save a lot more than a dollar from reduced expenditures. Junk mail is intended to entice me into wanting something I did not want. I really don't need more stuff. The problem is I want more stuff even though I don't need it. I also do not want my life to be focused on buying the newest, the best, the most improved stuff. Another problem is that if I'm not careful, it can be.

Direct marketers spend tens of thousands of dollars on each mailing with the expectation that enough consumers will buy stuff they would not have bought without the mailing. These expectations are almost always met. Direct marketers are not stupid nor are the companies that hire them. Junk mail works for them.

Be blessed!

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