Monday, March 5, 2007


An ancient Chinese curse:

May you lead an interesting life.

A modern American curse:

May you lead a normal life.

Do you want to be normal? Normal in America is not saving regularly. Normal in America is living paycheck to paycheck. 70% of Americans do live that way. Normal is carrying credit card balances and paying usurious interest rates in excess of 20% on those balances.

Normal is retiring and being unable to write a check for $600.

Normal is having financial problems be the major cause of your divorce if you had been married seven years or less.

Normal is being a college student and graduating with over $5000 in credit card debt. (Let's not even mention the student loans.)

Relying on debt to make predictable and reasonable expenses, a lifestyle of living in debt, is a lifestyle that a hundred years ago was considered sinful. It was a sign of lacking moral character. Fifty years ago, it was a lifestyle that was considered foolish. Now it is a lifestyle considered normal.

Normal is being broke.

Normal is living under constant financial pressure. I guess it is one way to lead an interesting life. Hey, you can get two curses going against you. What a deal....

Maybe you should aspire to be weird. It is weird not to be under financial pressure. It is weird to have financial peace. It is weird to aspire to be weird, but it is really weird actually to do something to change your life, to change your relationships, and to change the legacy you leave for your family. You can change these things if you want. They can be done, but it is weird.

Contact me or click here to find out about how to break the curse of normal.

That is just not at all normal.

Be blessed!

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