Saturday, December 23, 2006

social hierarchy and child rearing

The rest of the Christmas crew arrived yesterday. Miss Lois is really quite mobile and is crawling quite well. She also is learning what the word “no” means. If she does something like touch the presents under the tree after being warned, she gets her hand slapped. It is not really that hard of a slap, and she does try to obey, but she always cries. I think it is more that she doesn’t like to be told “no.”

Our calico cat, Snickers, is not fond of children. When Ted was a toddler, he used to carry her around the house by holding her by her throat. She loves Ted, but has always just left the room if any kids ever came around the house.

For some reason Snickers does not disappear when Miss Lois is around. She just sort of ignores her and carries on with her business.

Today Miss Lois was patrolling downstairs when she spotted Snickers sleeping in her bed under the china cabinet. She started to crawl toward the resting feline and I got out the camera. However, when Lois saw the camera, she changed direction, headed toward me, and started to strike a pose. She is such a ham! She also knows the difference between a toy camera and a real camera. She knows when to turn on the smile and is never upstaged.

After I put away the camera, Miss Lois resumed her patrol and soon she again saw the cat sleeping. As Lois came closer, Snickers tried to ignore her. However, when Lois came very close and reached out her hand, Snickers gave a low, soft growl, put out her paw, and slowly pushed Lois’s hand away.

Miss Lois immediately turned around and crawled away crying. She knew what it meant. Even the cat was telling her “no.” Snickers, being a responsible adult, accepted her duty to help discipline and train the newest member of the family.

I’m really proud of them both.

Be blessed!

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Paul said...

Sounds like it will be a fun Christams for you and yours. Be blessed!
BTW: Just got appointed to an Adjunct Instructor in New Testament at Trinity College (4-year school). I'm quite excited.