Tuesday, December 5, 2006

congratulations to the class of 9-11

Our 2nd Lieutenant is now a 1st Lieutenant. Yes, last week on November 28th he was promoted. He didn’t tell anyone, probably due to the humility usually associated with the classic Western hero. He is, after all, a U.S. Cavalry officer. (Just picture him standing, head looking down at the ground, casually kicking the Iraqi dirt with his boot, saying, “Aw shucks, t’wernt nothin.”)

He earned this promotion because after 18 months as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army he 1) has a pulse and 2) is still breathing. These are very good things. He has been consistent and diligent with these tasks. We want him to continue and keep up the good work.

All who graduated with him from West Point on May 28th of 2005 were promoted to 1LT together. Time magazine ran a cover story back then on his class, designating them the Class of 9-11. They were just weeks into their first year when the towers of the World Trade Center came down, so they are the first group of West Pointers to graduate having spent their four years post 9-11.

What does this promotion mean? His rank insignia is a single silver bar rather than a single brass bar. More importantly, it means a raise in pay.

We are looking forward to our 1LT’s next promotion to captain. The standards are tougher: he must maintain a pulse and still be breathing for another two years.

We’d like that.

Congratulations to the Class of 9-11.

Be blessed!

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RB said...

Just a follow-up. I just got off the phone with our 1LT. There was a promotion ceremony on December 1st. Since 8 in his squadron were being promoted to 1LT, and this is a large number for one squadron, they wanted to wait to do it all together. He still got his pay raise starting the 28th. :)